Frequently Asked Questions

How well did I do? What does my score mean?

IQ Score 

Football Knowledge Level

50 - 75

Casual Football Observer

75 - 85

Regular Football Watcher

85 - 105

Substantial Football Knowledge

105 - 120

Solid Football Historian

120 - 129

Football Expert

130 - 139

Extreme Football Fanatic


Football Is Your Life

My score is higher/lower than I expected. Is this a valid test?

Yes. Your score is compared to others answering the identical questions. We have set up the score calculation so that the average score received is 100 and the Standard deviation of our scores is 15.
You may want to click here to view the statistics from our database.

What factors influence my score?

Your score is based on several factors.  Of course, the number of questions you got correct is the primary factor.  But we also measure how quickly you answered the question, since that is a measure of how well you know the answers.  We calculate the score using a proprietary method that is likely to rate your score against all football fans.  Thus, your score is not comparing you to the average person who knows nothing about football, it is comparing you to the average football fan.

You don’t charge for this site, how do you support it?

We aren’t doing this to make money, we’re big football fans ourselves and we enjoy sitting around watching the games, tailgating, and discussing football.  We know our friends enjoy this also.  So we decided to put up this Website to let people see how their football knowledge measures up and to compete against their friends.  Of course, we have to pay our bills, so we use advertising support to cover the costs.  When you use our site we encourage you to visit our sponsors through the links provided, because that helps us out.  You can also purchase a t-shirt through our site to show off your skills.

I have another question that isn’t answered here, how can I contact you?

Feel free to use the contact us page.



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